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The Faith Way ( O Caminho da fé )

Brazil it's one of the biggest catholic country in the world, we have heaps of Santos that look after the country , I mean it's mystic thing that people who believes in religion believes that they Santos blessed they own population.

The Faith way it's a way to one of the most popular church in Brazil and one of the biggest in the world in devotion to the Ns Senhora Aparecida, that it's mother of Jesus and mother of all people in this world. In this way that start from the little town called Aguas da Prata running all the way to Aparecida, that it takes a few days for who goes by bike or walking, its around 330km of distance.

The road its not easy, its up and down all the time.

I glad to been there to register this tour of a bunch of Moutainbikers that realized they dream to ride on this road, we took 5 days to complete it, we had to stop a several times to take a rest and sleeping during those days. To be honest for me was easy where I were in the support car all the time. I registered by photos all those days where we pass by.

Check those photos bellow.

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