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Superider Downhill - WarHorse - Zhongshan

Downhill bike it's another sport I really like to shoot, I guess because look like Snowboard and Skateboarding in a few aspects.

I have done photos of Downhill before but only for athletes and magazine, about cover the event was my first time, I grow a lot with the logistics of the event how to position in the right place in the schedule of the event. I pretty much like nature and be better the nature, its a grateful work, that can breathe a good air and work in your time, of course that also have your cons about be up the hill, a lot of insects also especially in this event was really humidity there and also the Sun burning sometimes, but this is not a big problem when you do what you love. No pain no gain right?

Bellow you can check more photos of the event that was shoot in Zhongshan south of China

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