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Vintage Skateboarding Decks Collection By Jamie Wilson

When you are traveling by your self you must think about how hard to get in of some circle of a friendship. But for people use to like some lifestyle that's is my case of Skateboarding this got easy way to meet new people and start Hang out with.

Last Winter I was working for a Snowboarding brand that I meet one Jamie Wilson friend of the guys I work with, and he have a big name in China in the skateboarding scene, actually his not Chinese, Jamie it's from UK but got married with a Chinese woman and live in Beijing-China for several years that's made him get into the skateboarding scene in China,

Jamie it's a big collector of the classics Skateboarding Decks, for who know about skateboarding history must to know about those famous graphics decks. He also it's a artist that he use a pyrography machine to make your own art and also rereading the big classics graphics to your own style.

I went in his exhibition last weekend at Street Force skatepark in Beijing, to know more about Jamie Wilson follow him on IG: @jamieskate and Facebook: parispirographyskateboards. Those photos was also showed at KickerClub Chinese skateboarding website.

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