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XGames - Shangai - China 2019

It's hard to describe this big event that is the XGames, it can be compared a Soccer World Cup of the Extreme sports, where in couple days can be watched by million of people around the globe and see some of the biggest names of the Skateboarding, BMX and Motorcycle.

This was the first time that I covered a big event like that, I has been cover the most of skateboarding events, but the XGames was so super busy compared a small events, where I had to run as much I can to shoot everything. I'm glad to be here to cover for the first time the XGames in China.


I have to say thanks to the PM Studio that has called me and to WarHorse Energy Drink the tittle sponsor of the event.

Bellow you can check out the photos of my personal selection of this event.

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